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For Sale Items, Total : 8


A special and very attractive addition to your desk ER 15 CMS Wide 10 CMS Deep 11 CMS High

ID Code as156a2071

Price £160

Shipping estimated at £20 within the UK

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Art Deco Squirrel and Inkwell Chrome  on Black Gra
Epitomising the Art Nouveau Era and in remarkable condition. Oak, Brass and Cabochons of Aventurines and Garnet. 32 CMS Wide 10 CMS High 7 CMS Deep

ID Code as156a1395

Price £120

Shipping estimated at £20 within the UK

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Art Nouveau Oak Brass and Cabochons Blotter
An outstanding French Art Nouveau inkwell in Bronze. No lining available at the time of listing this items but am on the lookout for a replacement UO

ID Code as156a997

24 CMS Wide 6 CMS Long 6 CMS High

Price £130

Shipping estimated at £20 within the UK.

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French Art Nouveau Inkwell in Bronze
Mahogany and brass......... This Edwardian double sided letter rack in mahogany and brass has all the nostalgia of its era PO

ID Code as156a984

18 CMS High 18 CMS Wide 13 CMS Long

Price £120

Shipping estimated at £10 within the UK6

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Edwardian Double sided Letter Rack
A Collector's item............. Adding Machine Made by Brunsviga RO

ID Code as156a688

35 CM Long 20 CM Deep 17 CM High

Price £160

Shippig estimated at £40 within the UK

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1940 Adding Machine by Brunsviga
Speaks volumes.........Leather boun with brass clasp. Loads of empty pages for photos and a few nostalgic ones....... UR

ID Code as156a499

15 CM Long 11 CM Wide 5 CM Deep

Price £68

price does not include packing, shipping and insurance estimated at £7

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1800's Leather Bound Photo Album
Superb Art Nouveau jardiniere square shaped and detailed with brass roses and garlands. A tiny bruise photo 5 has resulted in a rose missing......hence the attractive price of £28

ID Code as156a421

10 CM Wide 10 CM Long 9 CM High

Price £28

Price includes shipping within the UK

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Art Nouveau Pen Holder
A very attractive and beautifully detailed scribe with superb detailing on the inkwell, lid and clasp which still works very well. Equally superb is the actual letter holder with its dcorated lid

ID Code as156a322

30 CM Long 5 CM Wide

Price £120

Shipping estimated at £10 within Mainland UK

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Wonderful Art Nouveau Scribe Brass French