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Exquisite Pair of Art Deco Bronze Book ends Signed G Limousin. 24 CMS High 11 CMS Deep 9 CMS Wide

ID Code as156a1426

Shipping estimated at £20 within the UK

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Pair Art Deco Bronze Sculptures Signed  G Limousin
1890's Pair of Bookends in Bronze set on Granite. 9 CMS Long (Base) 14 CMS High 13 CMS Wide (Base)

ID Code as156a1340

Price £140

Shipping is free within the UK

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Pair Art Nouveau Bird Bookends in Bronze
Functional and decorative this Cubist Book Holder features a Greyhound on each end sculpted in copper and set on Mahogany. Two Glass Panels slot on each side. Antique Books shown as example and not included. UR 52 CMS Wide 10 CMS Wide at extremities 20 CMS High

ID Code as156a1293

Price £240

Shipping estimated at £20 within the UK

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Cubist Movement Book Holder Greyhounds in Copper
Sitting proud and majestically....... this pair of heavy beautifully sculpted panthers in bronze s set on an green granite base is ready to go! Very heavy. 17 CM Long 12 CM Wide 11 CM High

ID Code as156a1199

Price £695

Shipping estimated at £25 within England

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Pair Art Deco Book Ends Bronze Panthers on Marble
Art Deco book enders in golden oak beautifully detailed with brass.

ID Code as156a1161

16 CM High 14 CM Long 8 CM Wide

Price £160

Shipping estimated at £25 within England

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French Art Deco Book Enders in Oak
Depicting a gentleman probably the captain smoking a pipe on one side, a sailing ship in high seas on the other, and two lighthouses on either side this is a boxe with a lid for matchsticks ....with the base used to strike a match. Looks at home in an country kitchen......two holes to hang on the wall SO

ID Code as156a461

12 CM Wide 7 CM Deep 17 CM High

Price £36

Shipping cost estimated at £6 within the UK

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Mid 1800's  Matchbox Set
Bookenders/Vases with a twist! Art Deco Dancing Queens in Porcelaine on an triangular pearlised ceramic base.... 3025 stamped on each base

ID Code as156a278

18 CM High 13 CM Long 8,50 CM Wide

Price £225

Price does not include packing/shipping and insurance. Please enquire

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Art Deco Dancing Ladies Book Ends